keskiviikko 14. toukokuuta 2014

I feel like I should clear things up about my "diet"

I'm a bit unsure if I should do this but let's go. I posted a picture on my facebook page last night and got quite much feedback from it. Some people pointed out that I'm showing a bad influence to others and some even said that I'm already so "anorectic".

So here's the picture:

And I admit there's a huge chance of misunderstanding this one which I didn't really think through when I posted it. it was just ment to say "I'm not happy about the way I eat and I wanna do better". And usually these bitstrips are there to not being taken too seriously :)

But I'm _not_ on a "diet" to eat less and lose weight! I'm on a diet to eat better (and probably a bot more also)! And I've actually been encouraging people to eat versatilely.. a bit of everything is often a good way and not forcing oneself to eat same things all the time.

When it comes on a being "rolemodel" for younger I have always eaten that way when around people and because I do lots of sports I have also eaten a lot. I've also tried to get people to eat the healhy lunch at school/work rather than going to McDonald's or something.

And for anyone doing a lots of sports or exercises it's even more important to eat. I've seen some pretty scary situations where someone (usually a girl) starts to exercise and after few months doing it she find's out that her weight has gone up and decides to eat less. The gain in weight is natural when you work out and it's really dangerous to stop eating well. The scale doesn't really tell a lot.. I haven't even looked it in the last about ten years. You probably know when you're not alright and at least I can see if I'm getting too skinny or too fat without looking to those numbers.

So bottom line is that I encourage people to eat well and I'm trying to do my best also.

And when it comes to being "anorectic" as few people has pointed out about me. Well, I have never wanted to be the "big muscle guy". I do sports to have fun, be healthier and hopefully live longer and more active.. not to have the biggest biceps to boost my ego or something similar. But still being called anorectic is quite of an overstatement. Yes, I'm a bit skinny like I want to be and even a bit athletic like I want to be but overall I think I look pretty healthy. So no need to worry about me.. if you disagree let me know :)

Here's a picture of my upper body tonight before going to the shower: